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Advertisements and Illustrations from Puck
Tight aerial view of New York City Plant No. 11 July 21, 1962
View of Kansas City and the Morgan Iron-Works
Paul Derringer
Ken Boyer Grand Slam
Execution of Gordon the Slavetrader, New York, February 21, 1862
New York Philharmonic Society Third Season Second Concert
New York City
The Gold Panic in Wall Street
Rockefeller for President, He Measures Up Ruler
Richard Nixon: "A New Alignment For American Unity" Pamphlet
Itinerary for Charles E. Hughes Third Western Trip, New York Central
Desegregate The Schools! Poster
Full Dinner Pail Button (Small)
Nixon Jewelry brochure
That's a Big Vote You're Carrying
Automatic Voting Machine Matchbook Cover
Col. Theodore Roosevelt Button
Harper's Weekly "Now You See What I Did About It" Cartoon
Democratic National Convention 1924 - Active Press Ticket


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