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Site of Major New Bank Building In Downtown St. Louis
Old Boatmen's Bank Building - Fire and Collapse
Mercantile Trust Company Building
Telegraphers National Bank
Boatmen's Bank - Routed By Ammonia Fumes
Boatmen's Bank - Laclede's Landing Building Plans
Centerre Bank - One Centerre Plaza
Centerre Bank - Escalators
Centerre Bank - Skyscraper
Centerre Bank - Office Tower
Centerre Bank - Banking Hall
Centerre Bank - Bank Tower
Mercantile Trust Company Office
Mercantile Trust Company Bank Plaza
Mercantile Trust Company
Customers at the Tower Grove Bank and Trust
Celebration at Tower Grove Bank
Boatmen's Bank Building - Stock Transfer
Centerre Bank - Gold Exhibit
Boatmen's Bank Building - Downtown St. Louis


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