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Security National Bank Savings and Trust
Gaslight-Style Fixtures
Mercantile Trust Company One-Hundredth Anniversary
Discussing The Holdup At Mercantile Trust Company
Detective Checks For Fingerprints At Mercantile Trust Company
"Give Me The Money In Right Draw"--Mercantile Trust Co.
Detective Dusting For Fingerprints At The Scene Of Robbery--Mercantile Trust Co.
Renovation Of The Mercantile Trust Company
A Total Of 7500 Safe Deposit Boxes--Mercantile Trust Co.
Mercantile Trust Company Armor Plate Vault
Mercantile Trust Company Dining Room
Mercantile Trust Company Drive-up Service
Mercantile Trust Company's Inquiry Station and Automatic Signature Verification System
New System At The Mercantile Trust Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Cantino with an Officer After the Robbery
Markings Made By The Southwest Bank Bandits
Third Automobile Used by the Gang
Bank Safe Deposit Box
Smiling Despite the Ordeal
Bank Vault


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