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Photo of industrial augers No year. Could be 1960s
Hand-drawn plans for bottling equipment No year
Tight aerial view of New York City Plant No. 11 July 21, 1962
The National Hall Bar, 1950
Blueprint Survey of South Chicago site Oct 12, 1948
Falstaff Brewery-Benton Park District
Falstaff Brewery Machine Worker
Falstaff Brewery-The Iceman Cometh
Falstaff Brewery Administration
Falstaff Brewery-Recyclable 12-bottle Package
Falstaff Brewing Corp.
Falstaff Brewery Building
Falstaff Brewery-Beer Making
Falstaff Brewery Factory
Falstaff Brewery-Storage Tanks
Falstaff Brewery-The Iceman Cometh
Falstaff Brewery-7 Millionth Barrel Of Beer
Falstaff Brewery-Safety Pledges Were Signed
Falstaff Brewery-Recycle Center
Falstaff Brewery-Going Up To Take It Down


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