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"Prouder, Stronger, Better" Door Hanger
Re-Elect Douglas, The People's Senator Button
Remember October 9 Bumper Sticker
George Wallace "Stand Up For America" Brochure
Taft Watch Fob
Prosperity At Home, Prestige Abroad Button
Nixon Print Ad
Socialist Party - Debs for President Button
Socialist Party, Workers of the World Unite Button
Full Dinner Pail Button
Full Dinner Pail Button (Small)
It's the Republican Debt Stupid!
Trump Pence Make America Great Again! Bumper Sticker
William McKinley "America First" Button
Protection Sound Money Button
In Gold We Trust Button
Keep U.S. Out of War Button
Republican National Convention 1896 - Souvenir Medal
"President Nixon. Now More than Ever" Door-Hanger
Hillary Rodham Clinton "Love Trumps Hate" Sticker


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