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Discussing The Holdup At Mercantile Trust Company
Detective Checks For Fingerprints At Mercantile Trust Company
"Give Me The Money In Right Draw"--Mercantile Trust Co.
Detective Dusting For Fingerprints At The Scene Of Robbery--Mercantile Trust Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Cantino with an Officer After the Robbery
Markings Made By The Southwest Bank Bandits
Third Automobile Used by the Gang
Smiling Despite the Ordeal
Police Crouched Behind Parked Automobiles
Car Found At Shenandoah and Lemp
Toy Pistol Found On Deck Above Rear Seat of Get-a-way Car
Tellers' Windows
Scene Of $16,000 Robbery
This Warning
Bank Officials
Miss Marilyn Miller, Employee and Witness of Robbery
Miss Luis Sperker, Employee of Southwest Bank and Witness of Robbery
Paul D. Geisler, Customer of Southwest Bank and Witness of Robbery
The Stolen Automobile
Miss Patsy Parks


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