Jesse Hall

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1892 - Burning of the original Academic Hall
In 1892, The University of Missouri's original Academic Hall burned down, leaving six columns. People say that the fire had been caused by the first electric light bulb west of the Mississippi River. The fire even spread as far as the Chancellor's Residence, but no significant damage was caused to it. "New" Academic Hall--later called Jesse Hall--was constructed in 1893. The Columns stand today as the iconic remains of the original Academic Hall., Savitar, 1894. page 92.
1897 - First look at Jesse Hall
This is one of the Savitar's first looks at Jesse Hall. Though this photo was taken in 1897, the University constructed Jesse Hall in 1895., Savitar, 1897. page 44.
1910 - Face of Jesse Hall
Savitar, 1910. page 15.
1953 - East wing auditorium addition to Jesse Hall
Construction on Jesse in 1953. The East Wing Auditorium was completed in 1954. The original entrance to the auditorium was from the quad on the north side and seated 1,200 people. However, its wooden balcony was removed after being proclaimed a fire hazard. In 1953, renovations took place, and today it seats 1,732 people., Savitar, 1953. page 25.
1994 - Aerial photograph of Jesse Hall
Jesse Hall from above, 1994., Savitar, 1994. page 303.
1994 - Inside the Jesse Hall dome
This is a view taken from inside of Jesse Dome. During Engineers' Week, usually held in the middle of March, the dome is lit green to honor St. Patrick, the patron saint of engineering., Savitar, 1994. page 201.
1998 - Renovation of the Jesse Hall dome
Much construction occurred in 1998, revitalizing Jesse's look. The dome was repainted and remodeled, and extra exterior repairs were made. This part of Jesse can be seen almost anywhere around campus., Savitar, 1998. page 69.