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St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


Young Champions Missouri
Winners of the Punt, Pass & Kick B Flight District championships held recently at Shaw Park are, from left, D. J. Light, 8, Sullivan, Mo.; Tim Beasley, 9, Centralia, Mo.; Terry Kirchhoffer, 10, Hermann, Mo.; Todd Franke, 11, Mehlville; David Biscan, 12, St. Louis and Tom Miller, 13, Washington, Mo. The B Flight represents South St. Louis and Eastern Missouri. The six youngsters will compete against A Flight winners Nov. 16 at the Cardinal-Washington game. Punt, Pass & Kick is presented by the Ford Dealers of Greater St. Louis, The Globe-Democrat, and the National Football League.
Young Girls at the Modern Living Show
Serene Buselaki, 6, dgtr. Mr & Mrs Otto Buselaki... Lynne Condellone, 4, dgtr. Mr and Mrs L. W. Condellone... on stage coach in kiddie corral.
Young Modern Living Show Visitors
Young Modern Living Show Visitors take a close but cautious look at a guinea pig being shown them by James Wade, kennel supervisor of the Humane Society of Missouri. The youngsters, Tommy, 5; Terry, 2, and Linda, 3, are children of Mr. and Mrs. John Kraska...
Young Protesters
Protest at Homer G.: About 100 people on foot and in cars paraded with hand-lettered signs from Homer G. Phillips Hospital to City Hall Sunday in observance of the one-year anniversary of the closing of its acute-care facilities. Young protestors, Jolene Cotton (4) and Tiffany Hudson (2), joined the ranks of demonstrators in a march that marked the one year closing of Homer G. Phillips Hospital at the hospital Sunday afternoon.
Young Woman Using the Roadometer
"Really serious is this young woman, Miss Margaret Duffner, 3611 Connecticut st., as she takes the Aetna Roadometer test as part of the Globe-Democrat's traffic safety campaign. The first picture shows extreme concentration as she starts the test. Then - whup, there's a pedestrian. She bites her lower lip in her anxiety to avoid hitting him. Finally, "I have things under control now," she says to herself."
Youngsters From the Pruitt-Igoe Housing Project
Youngsters from the Pruitt-Igoe housing project admire one of the five portable metal swimming pools which have been donated by businesses and anonymous individuals, under a program by Mayor Cervantes and the St. Louis Human Development Corps. The other four pools will be set up for children in the project within a few days.
Youngsters Splashed Into Summer
Youngsters Splashed Into Summer yesterday when the temperature go to 94 degrees, a record for the date. This cool commotion went on in the wading pool of Cherokee Park in the 3200 block of South Thirteenth street.
Youth Girls's Golf Tournament Contest
Young Girl. Golf Tournament Contestant.
ZIP Code Introduced
"Regional Postal Director John F. Dee (right) and St. Louis Postmaster Claude I. Bakewell (center) introduce "Mr. Zip" to William E. Cornelius, assistant comptroller of the Union Electric Company. The cartoon figure is on display in post offices throughout the country to call attention to the new ZIP code system introduced this month. The Union Electric Company is one of the larger users of postal service in this area, mailing 30,000 first class pieces a day and accounting for $350,000 in annual postal revenue."
Zerex Line
Du Pont anti-freeze at Jefferson Barracks
Zig Ziglar Preachers To The Crowd
Zig Ziglar makes an appearance at the Positive Thinking Rally. Thousands gather to hear motivational speeches.
Zig Ziglar Spreads Positivity
Zig Ziglar is one of the many speakers at the Positive Thinking Rally.
the "Lift-Slab" Technique of Construction
"The spectacular 'lift-slab' process is being used for the first time in St. Louis by the Austin Company, national Engineering and Construction firm, which designed and is erecting the new office building for the Central Division, General Insurance Company of America and its affiliate, athe Safe-Co Insurance Company of America, at 3750 Lindell Blvd. Ed Hamilton, equipment engineer of the United States Lift-Slab Corporation, Austin, Texas,(in wind-breaker) is explaining the procedure to a group of engineering students from Washington University who visited the site. Man with hat is W.W. Schenler, Assistant Professor of Engineering at Washington University. As the picture shows, three huge slabs, each approximately 90 x 65 ft., have already been lifted. The bottom slabs, with its load of concrete blocks, sand, and other materials to be used on wall construction, weigh 500 tons. "
the Crowd Dines and Dances at the Casa-Loma Ballroom
"This was Puttin' on the Ritz, St. Louis-style, at the fabled Casa-Loma ballroom, 3354 Iowa. And between glides and dance-floor dips, many party goers proclaimed the Dec. 5 fund-raiser to be one of the best ever given for the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. With tickets at $125 per person, the night of elegance and silently projected Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies raised some $30,000."
the Doctors Building
"The Doctors Building,k $2,000,000 medical office building, nears completion at Euclid avenue and West Pine boulevard."
the Globe-Democrat Business Excellence Award
"Merrill Lynch account executive Tom McDonough, far left, with three of the four winners of the Globe-Democrat Business Excellence Award. The winners are Barbara Birkicht; David Egner, third from left; and Alan Vonder Haar. Not pictured is Doug Deming."
the Globe-Democrat Club Leadership Awards
"Preisdents of winning clubs in the Globe-Democrat Club Leadership Awards are, from left: Mrs. Patrick Nolan, Noon Day Contemporary Club Wentzville: Mrs. John E. Cerny, Mid-America Civic League, Eureka; Mrs. Michael Filip, Junior Women's Club of Pacific."
the Power of Print
"The power of print delivers the message in a sweeping patio party dress shown by Janice Quin for Stix, Baer & Fuller. Designed by Oscar de la Renta, the dress displays a splash of geometric pattern in black and white."
the Younger Set
"The younger set, modeling for Boyd's, are veterans of past Globe-Democrat Fashion Shows. Debbie Kirk, at left, in embroidered white pique, appeared for the second time yesterday. Ten-year-old Erin Kuehn, in a powder blue coat, has been in nine of the Globe Fashion Shows, and while Bill Downey, wearing a plaid sport coat, put in his third appearance."


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